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Thermal, hydraulic calculations of heat exchangers

Thermal, hydraulic calculations of heat exchangers
Shell and tube heat exchangers, manufactured by «Ukrneftemash EPC» LLC are intended for media heating, cooling, condensation and evaporation in oil refineries, petrochemical, chemical, gas and other industries. Besides the above heat exchangers of TN, TK, TP, TU type we are able to manufacture heat exchangers with non- standard features, dimensions and material design, spare parts.

Specialists of «Ukrneftemash EPC» LLC can conduct for you constructive verification thermal, hydraulic, strength and other calculations of heat exchangers. After determining the heat load of any thermal system the calculation for the necessary heat transfer surface determine is performed. In this calculation some ideas about the design of the unit are laid “a priori”, and such a calculation is called design. Common methods of heat exchangers calculation are developed without regard to the specific designs. Design factor is taken into account only when calculating the respective heat transfer coefficients. Therefore, it is the main stage of a general method for the heat exchangers calculation, as this step is necessary to produce heat energized unit and development of its design. When calculating the heat exchangers two equations – the heat balance equation for each of the coolant and heat transfer equation are used. In addition, calculating requires to specify a specific coolant flow diagram: forward flow (movement in the same direction); counter flow (movement in opposite direction), cross flow (movement at an angle of 90°); combined flow diagrams. Thus, a specific diagram should be adopted for the calculation of the apparatus and the coolant flow.
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