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Engineering and operational documentation development

Air-cooling unit
Shell and tube heat exchangers
Service vessel (tank)
Vessel equipment ММА
Reflux accumulator
Separator С-1
Shell and tube heat  exchange TN
Shell and tube heat  exchange TKB
Shell and tube heat  exchange TKG
Shell and tube heat  exchange TP
Mass transfer columns К-1
Depending on the stages of development the design documentation is divided into project documents and operating documents.

Project design documentation includes technical proposal, conceptual design, engineering design.
Operating design documentation includes specifications, assembly drawings, detail drawings, etc.

According to GOST 2.103 – 68, there are the following stages of of design documentation development:

  • Technical Proposal;
  • Conceptual design;
  • Technical project;
  • Operating design documentation.

Technical Proposal – set of design documents containing analysis of the various options for possible solutions of the Customers’ specifications, feasibility of proposed options, patents search, etc.

Draft project – a set of design documents, which should include basic design solutions, giving an overview of the design and function of the product, as well as data defining the purpose, basic parameters and dimensions of the developed products.

Technical project – a set of design documents that must contain final technical solutions, giving a complete picture of the structure of developed product and the initial data for the development of operating documentation.

Technical project is the basis for the development of design documentation.

Operating design documentation – a set of design documents for construction and testing of a prototype, initial batch, serial production of goods.