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Shell and tube heat exchangers TP, TN, TK, TU


Shell-and-tube heat exchangers are the main type of heat exchanging equipment of a modern oil refinery. At primary hydrocarbon refineries (topping units) they are used for oil heating by the heat of effluent products, as well as condensers and coolers, heaters, etc.

Types of floating head shell and tube heat exchangers

The design of shell-and-tube heat exchangers can be:

  • Fixed tube sheet heat exchanger – «Н» type;
  • Y-tubes heat exchanger – «Y» type;
  • Floating head heat exchanger – «П» type;
  • With expansion joint in shell – «К» type.

Schematic designation «П» type

heat exchangers tp

1-distribution chamber cover; 2-distribution camera; 3-casing; 4-tube bundle; 5-choke; 6-tube grid; 7-floating head cover; 8-casing cover; 9-thermal insulation; 10-support.

Heat exchangers are of two types:

  • Г – horizontal;
  • В – vertical.

Tubes in tubesheets and partitions can be arranged as follows:

  • К – in the peaks of square;
  • Т – in the peaks of equal triangle.


The availability of various designs of heat exchangers allows solving the entire range of heat exchange objectives in processes. Process vessels can be manufactured as single-pass or multi-pass to improve heat transfer conditions.

Process vessels can be operated in conditions of macroclimate regions with a moderate «U» and tropical «T» climate.

Process vessels are designed for operation in seismic regions with less than 7 points of seismic activity according to the 12-point scale adopted in Ukraine.

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers can be manufactured according to internal and foreign standards.


oboznachenie apparatov teploobmennih

Example of devices designation

Example of devices designation: heat exchanger with fixed tube sheet, horizontal (ТНГ), with a shell diameter of 1000 mm, nominal pressure in tubes and shell of 2.5 MPa, material of construction – M1, with bare heat exchange tubes (D), diameter 20 mm, length 6 m, 4-way at the tube side, climatic category U, with parts for the thermal insulation attachment:

«Heat exchanger 1000ТНГ-2,5-М1/20Г-6-4-У-И ТУ У 28.2-38630650-002:2013».

Non-standard heat exchangers production based on the individual Customer’s technical projects is possible.

All necessary information on the manufacture and production of heat exchangers, you can find at our specialists by phone.

Price and delivery time depend on the size of heat exchangers batch, regularity demands and interests of the Customer.

Download a price list for a price request Price and delivery time


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Price for shell-and-tube heat exchangers (shell-and-tube)
Buy a heat exchanger shell-and-tube type that meets the highest requirements of economic efficiency and environmental purity in Ukrneftemash LLC. The company offers a huge range of heat exchangers, as well as other major types of equipment of this heat exchange equipment. Cooperation of our company with the leading manufacturers of high-quality metal allows us to produce in the shortest possible time and cheaper the necessary products selected for your company in the city of Kharkov, as well as in other cities of Ukraine.

Before you buy a heat exchanger shell-and-tube, you need to know what specific type you need. Below is provided general information on the prices for shell-and-tube heat exchangers, more accurate calculations by individual parameters, you can contact our specialists at Ukrneftemash EPC LLC, who will help you buy the necessary heat exchangers that will be most effective for your operating conditions.

Example calculation of the price shell and tube heat exchanger TN

1000ТНГ-2,5-М1 / 20Г-6-4-У-И ТУ У 28.2-38630650-002: 2013
Price: UAH 19,000 including VAT and delivery in Ukraine

Example calculation of the price shell and tube heat exchanger TK

6000 TUK-2,5-M1 / 20G-6-4-U-TU U 28.2-38630650-002: 2013
Price: 18 700 UAH including VAT and delivery to Ukraine

Important! We draw your attention that TN, TC, TP and others are only the name of the heat exchanger design, in which there can be from 10 to 930 pipes. The cost presented on the site is only fact-finding. Accurate and detailed information on shell and tube heat exchangers is determined after the heat engineering calculation, during which the following will be determined: the size of the frame, the materials of the tubes and casing, their number, the thickness of the pipes, and the pipe layout.

Do you need to know what is the price of your heat exchanger?

    Send the data about the equipment in any of the following ways:

  • Send the completed sheet to the e-mail:
  • Apply for online calculation
  • Provide baseline data for contact telephones

    Specialists of our company will make a free technical calculation of the heat exchanger and send you a commercial offer with the current price and delivery time.
    Prices for shell and tube heat exchangers. See the price list, find out the cost.
    Delivery in Ukraine, as well as other countries – Russia or Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq.

    How is the price for the heat exchanger calculated?
    The main factor in buying a heat exchanger is its price and guarantee. I want to say that the heat exchangers that our company produces are not cheaper in comparison with the Chinese counterparts, but it is very high-quality and highly efficient in terms of productivity, which will last several decades.

    Based on the above features of calculating prices for various models of heat exchangers, the customer will understand why such a large spread of prices in the catalog of LLC “Ukrneftemash ERC” depends. Also, the reason for the wide spread of the price is that some devices are designed for large industrial production, for example – oil production, while others are used in small enterprises to work with working environments for their storage or as additional systems.

    Of course, given these nuances, the price will vary significantly, based on the cost of materials spent and the salaries of specialists. For example, heat exchangers “TN” and “TK” species, whose price in our company is one of the lowest in Ukraine, can be cited

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